Quality cannabis-related content drives traffic to your website.

That’s really what you’re after, right? Increased traffic?

Well you’re totally in luck…cannabis content is my speciality.

I understand the culture, in addition to the science, behind marijuana. This knowledge, paired with a fun, engaging tone, work in tandem to drive real traffic to your website. It’s not about the word count; it’s about the content.

I promise not to write any fluffy crap, or fill pieces with too much jargon–those are both such huge turn-offs for readers.

I don’t just write a blog post, I also:

  • Significantly research topics your target audience to engage your audience
  • Pitch ideas based on your target demographic
  • Properly optimize the piece…without keyword stuffing (ew!)
  • Format posts for ease when reading
  • Select a title that really POPS!
  • Ensure it’s 100% error-free

You may be thinking, “Man, that sound’s expensive.”

And you’d be right. My blog posts aren’t cheap.

I’m anal about deadlines, and obsess about every minor detail before submitting work because I’ll only deliver my best.

I know how long it takes to thoroughly research a topic before physically writing a piece, and let me tell you, it’s a long time.

That being said, my blog posts are typically $200-$400 each.

If you’re ready to invest in a content strategy that converts readers into customers, please reach out.

I’m just an email away!