What Are the Benefits of a Vaporizer?

Vaporizers Are Like a Godsend

So your mom (or significant other) has finally voiced her feelings about your smoking habits.benefits of vaporizer

“Oh my god. I’ve got this. Stop,” has definitely crossed your mind, as you roll your eyes.

She’s not concerned about you smoking some ganj–instead she’s worried about your lungs.

But by now, you’ve realized she actually might have a point.

Sure, cannabis is a great plant. But, the smoke itself can’t be a great for your overall health.

You’ve heard about vaporizers, and they seem to be a cleaner way to intake cannabis.

Back to Chemistry 101

In order to understand the benefits of a vaporizer, it’s important to get a grip on heating.

benefits of a vaporizerWhen you spark up a blunt, or smoke a bowl, you’re partaking in combustion heating. There’s no set temperature, but combustion occurs around 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Vaporizing, on the other hand, uses convection and conduction heating.

Convection heating occurs when air or liquid is heated, and travels away from the source of heating. Examples include a convection oven, and boiling water.

Conduction heating occurs through molecular collision. In laymen’s terms, this means something heats up with physical contact. Think placing a pot onto the stove, to heat up the pot.

Unlike combustion, convection and conduction heating do not create smoke.

Vaporizers Are Like Magic

Ok, not really, but it sounds pretty cool. To actually feel the effects of cannabis, it must be heated up to a minimum of 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is the point at which THC-A begins to react.

So, vaporizers heat up up the cannabis to 250, at a minimum.

Many devices allow you to customize the exact temperature, like the Volcano. Others make it super easy and give you a few pre-set options, like the Pax.

Ultimately, it’s your choice, though.

Life’s Real Question…and the Answer Isn’t 42

So now that you’ve got how vaporizers work under your belt, it’s important to ask one question: What are the benefits of a vaporizer?benefits of vaporizer

Just like your mom’s concerns, vapes are far better for your lungs. You’ve removed smoke from the picture, and have replaced it with literal vapor.

Of course, solely consuming edibles–not inhaling–is the cleanest way to intake cannabis. But, vaping is seriously better for your health than smoking.

Second, vaporizers extend the life of your greens significantly. If you pack the equivalent of a bowl into your vaporizer, you’ll be puffing way longer than usual.

Because you’re not torching the plant with combustion, you activate the plant with each puff–not all at once.

This means you’re not only enjoying your cannabis that much more, you’re using less with each session.

That gram of flower will last you quite a while. And if you’re into dabs, a gram will last you a heckuva lot longer than usual.

In short, the benefits of a vaporizer are:

  • It’s much healthier for your lungs – and you’ll cough way less!
  • It’s a huge money-saver in the long run – your greens last much longer!
  • Your bud will get you way more stoned with each session because you can use less!

The downsides of a vaporizer:

  • They can cost a pretty penny, if you want to go super upscale
  • You need to charge them semi-regularly

The benefits of a vaporizer absolutely outweigh the downsides. It may cost a bit up-front to invest in a vape, but you’ll see the savings almost immediately. Heading to the dispensary is a once-in-a-while activity, rather than an every-other-day one.

Put a Grin on Your’s, Your Mom’s, and Your Wallet’s Face

While there are tons of expensive vaporizers out there, like the DaVinci and the Prohibited in the 5th Degree, there are loads of awesome options on the cheaper end of the scale.

Take a look at the Dr. Dabber Aurora, or the KandyPens Rubi, for something a bit more reasonable.

When your new vaporizer arrives, get in the habit of charging it every day–or every set number of days. You don’t want to be left not-so-high and dry.

Give your Mom a call, and let her know you’ve turned a new leaf: Your lungs are well on their way to a better life!


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