Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer Review

Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer Review: The Quick and Dirty

So you’ve arrived here, in hopes of an in-depth Dr. Dabber Aurora review. I promise–that’s just around the corner.

But first, let me start off with something that may just pique your interest. Or at the minimum, will turn your pocketbook’s head.

The Aurora is by far the best dab pen under-$100.

dr dabber aurora review

Hey! I’m Becca, a cannabis influencer. I’ve tried hundreds of 420 products, and want to share what I’ve learned during my journey.

I’ve worked with big names like Hakuna Stash and DaVinci, in order to bring you the best cannabis accessories on the market.

For the past few months, I’ve been focusing on vaporizers–more specifically, dab pens. Dab pens allow you to vaporize concentrates, without the use of a torch and rig.

Today, I’ll be focusing on a review of the Dr. Dabber Aurora, sometimes misspelled “Dr. Dabber Aura”. Hold onto your horses, because we’re in for a wild ride.

Purchasing a dab pen can be pretty nerve-wracking. After all, it’s not like they’re just a Benjamin, or two. No–they can cost a pretty penny.

The Prohibited in the 5th Degree vaporizer is one of those expensive endeavors. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome choice. But, not everyone has that much cash to drop.

On the flip side, there are super cheap vape pens. Oftentimes, they’re so cheap, they end up breaking after only a few uses. Worse yet, they never hold a charge.

The solution? Setting a slightly-higher budget. Say: Around $100.

Well, you know what’s around $100, right? Nailed it–the Dr. Dabber Aurora.

First Take on the Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer

Thanks so much to the team over at NisanCo, for sending me a unit to review.

Like many of you, I’d read great things about the Aurora. So when it arrived, I was ready to tear the packaging open, like a kid on Christmas morning.dr dabber aurora review

As soon as I opened it, I realized how small the vape is, which is something I prefer. It’s much easier to slide into a pocket, than larger models.

In fact, it’s small enough to fit in a medium-sized wristlet.

Built similarly to an O.Pen, or some other 510-thread battery with a refillable cartridge, so it felt familiar.

The difference, however, lies in the fact it’s thread-less. Yep–you read that correctly. All parts attach via magnets, making it a literal snap to put together.

Naturally, I had to try it out then and there. Like most vaporizers, though, you should charge it before first use. Begrudgingly, I followed protocol.

After waiting the 2-hour charge time, I decided on some Red Headed Stranger Budder. From there, I pulled off the atomizer and tip, held in-place with the aforementioned magnet.

Dropping the budder in, I placed everything back on the battery. With five clicks, it was heating up.

I prefer low-temp dabs, so I chose the lowest setting, green. Blue indicates medium heat, and pink indicates the highest setting.

In what felt like seconds, the unit was roaring and ready to go.

I’m usually pretty skeptical of smaller vape pens because I feel like they shouldn’t pack a huge punch.

My first few inhales proved shockingly disappointing. But, by my fourth inhale, I sensed a shift in the pen.

Out of sheer excitement, I’d forgotten to season my atomizer –a Dual Quartz Rod with Quartz Dish.

By no means is seasoning required, especially for quartz. But, it provides a much better taste up front, if you do. Head here for more information about seasoning atomizers.

In any event, it’s clear I forgot to season it, which lead to a super funky taste.

But, after a few more inhales, I was really feeling this dab pen. After a few days? Whooooowie! I fell more madly in love, with each hit.

What’s Included With the Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer

As you’d expect, you’ll receive a vaporizer, in a satin black finish and a glossy UV Dr. Dabber Logo. But, the Dr. Dabber Aurora accessories are what really make this unit stand out.

dr dabber aurora review

We’ve already covered the quartz atomizer. And, it comes with two more options:

  • Dual ceramic rod with quartz dish
  • Ceramic halo heater with quartz dish
  • The ceramic rod is ideal for waxier concentrates, while the ceramic halo works best with higher-viscosity concentrates.

    It also contains two mouthpieces:

  • Contoured ceramic mouthpiece
  • Ceramic shotgun mouthpiece
  • Since the tip really determines how the vape pen pulls, it’s important to choose the right one.

    The contoured ceramic one is super ergonomic, with optimal airflow. The ceramic shotgun one, on the other hand, improves airflow, while preventing clogging.

    You’ll also receive a charger, which has an efficient 2-hour-charge time.

    And, you’ll also receive everything you need to dab on-the-go:

  • Loading tool
  • Shatter-proof silicone container
  • So, you can pop your favorite concentrate into the container, and dig it out with a tool later.

    If you’re so inclined to show your Dr. Dabber pride, this kit also includes:

  • A Dr. Dabber Keep A Breast Patch
  • Bandana
  • Last but not least, is an easy-to-follow instruction manual.

    Since it already includes all of the necessary pieces for a portable vaporizer, you literally just need to add a concentrate, and you’re ready-to-go.

    Charging is a snap, loading is a snap, and it’s discreet enough to take a hit without drawing attention.

    Dr. Dabber Aurora VS Puffco Plus

    dr dabber aurora reviewIn order to truly understand the awesomeness that is the Aurora, it’s important to see it against the competition.

    The Puffco Plus is comparable in price to the Aurora, at $99.99.

    When comparing Dr. Dabber vs Puffco, it must be done in a methodical manner. Otherwise, it’ll be a mess.

    So, let’s look at what’s included with the Plus:

  • Vape pen
  • 4 cleaning swabs
  • A charging cable
  • A extra chamber (comes with silicone line cap)
  • Instruction manual
  • Want to customize your vaping experience? It won’t happen with the Plus–it doesn’t have different mouthpieces and atomizers.

    In terms of design, the Plus and Aurora have a few key differences.

  • 1)The Plus has a 510-thread, while the Aurora is threadless
  • 2)The Plus is coil-less, while the Aurora has both coil-less and coiled options
  • 3)The Plus mouthpiece has a built-in dab tool, while the Aurora does not
  • The benefits of the Puffco Plus surround ease-of-use. No messing around trying to find the perfect set-up. But, that also means you won’t have a perfectly dialed-in hit.dr dabber aurora review

    This affects both conservation of your stash, as well as taste. But, not having to carry around a dab tool, in addition to a vape pen, is a big plus.

    Battery life differs significantly between the two vape pens. The Aurora provides between 250- and 300-hits-per-charge, lasting 2-3 days for a heavy user and 5-days for a light user. The Plus, on the other hand, charges up to a measly 50-hits, lasting a day at most, for even a light user.

    The Plus does make up a little ground with a 35-minute charge time, as compared to the 2-hour Aurora charge time.

    However, charging the Plus can be a hassle because you must unscrew the entire device. And, you’ll have to bring the charger with you everywhere, if you’re a heavy dabber.

    Both have automatic shut-off safety features, wherein the device turns off after a given amount of time. It’s 12-seconds with the Plus, and 15-seconds with the Aurora.

    While many of the features on the PuffCo are similar to the Aurora, it falls short in a number of categories. Without a doubt, for $100 your best bet is to go with Dr. Dabber.

    Dr. Dabber Aurora Pros & Cons

    No vape pen review would be complete without mentioning the good and the bad. After all, it’s nearly impossible to create a 100% flawless product.

    Here’s the TLDR; version:

    Pros:dr dabber aurora review

  • Super long battery life – 3-5 days, depending on use
  • Each hit is extremely flavorful
  • Produces little vapor (unless you take a long draw), to increase inconspicuousness
  • Cons:dr. dabber aurora review

  • Proprietary charger is clunky and a pain to bring on-the-go
  • Not compatible with 510-thread cartridges
  • Can overheat if you draw for too long
  • One of the biggest things that stood out to me was the charging process. When it finally came time, there was one thing I disliked: It has a proprietary charger.

    Don’t get me wrong–I love taking off the atomizer/mouthpiece, and popping the battery into place. The magnets make it a cinch. But, I have to carry that charger with me, in case it dies while I’m out and about.

    Theoretically I should be good-to-go, thanks to the massive 250- to 300-hits-per-charge. But, if I know I’ll run out soon, bringing along that clunky charger would be downright annoying.

    As of now, needing to charge it while out and about has remained hypothetical. I’ve never needed to do so while I’m out doing errands.

    I see this as a benefit (although I know other dab rats disagree): The vapor production is much lower than other pens.

    To me, this is a benefit because you can be extra discreet in public. Other people love to have massive clouds, regardless of the setting.

    However, what this baby lacks in visibility, it makes up for it in taste. Each hit fills your mouth with a pure, green-y flavor.

    Final thoughts on the Dr. Dabber Aurora

    Overall, I think this is a phenomenal dab pen. It works like a charm, and is easy for just about any user–even those who get shaky hands during anxiety.

    I will say, though, if you have a high tolerance and like to use your dab pen to get ripped, rather than carry you over, you should probably look for a different vape.

    It’s built far more as an entry-level dab pen, than one for massive dab rats.

    This bad boy does an incredible job of providing much-needed medication in the moment, which keeps symptoms at bay.

    But, if you’re looking for huge, immediate relief as a frequent dabber, you’re better off taking a rip from your rig.

    On the other hand, though, if you’re not a massive dab rat, or have a low tolerance for dabs, then the Dr. Dabber Aurora is 100% what you need.

    For the price, quality, and functionality, you truly can’t beat this fantastic vape.



    If you have any other questions about the Dr. Dabber Aurora review, or another product, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message!

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