Kandypens Rubi Oil Vape Pen Review – A Pen to Remember

Oil Vape Pen Review

I’d like to start off this post by thanking the team over at Kandypens for sending me a unit to try.

Like most patients outside of massive states like Colorado or California, I knew finding oil for my pen was going to be difficult.kandypens rubi review, review of kandypends rubi, is the kandypens rubi worth it

My dispensary only carries it in a pre-filled vape pen….which would be of little help in my situation.

I needed to find freestanding BHO (Butane Hash Oil), or some other smokeable oil.

For weeks, I struggled to find any good information (sometimes Leafly and WeedMaps make me cringe with how horrible their info is outside of recreationally legal states).

Left entirely unsure of where to turn, I headed to Instagram to ask for some advice.

A fantastic guy who does the ordering at a nearby dispensary reached out to me, and said he could help. There were a number of BHO oils to choose from.

I went with birthday cake. I mean c’mon–I never get to have birthday cake anymore…hello food allergies *eye roll*

When it finally arrived, I put aside my anxiety to go down and pick up the oil.

After meeting some ridiculously nice guys down there, I was ready to test my Rubi!

Puffing on a Rubi

It came in such a small box, I wasn’t sure it would even work.

Technically, it’s built for vape juice and cannabis oils. Since I don’t smoke the former, this review is solely for the latter.

The first thing I noticed is how light, sleek, and easily it fit in my hand.

Impressed, I went to charge it….only to find out it had arrived fully charged!

So, I grabbed the pod. Because it’s built to be refillable, the tank has a small silicone plug, for easy on-and-off.

The hole is large enough to insert the oil, without spilling it everywhere. Once completed, I popped the plug back in.

Per the instructions, I “primed” the pod, by pulling in air a few times–before inserting it into the device.

After popping in the pod, a light on the front flashed, indicating it was in-place.

Bringing it up to my mouth, I was still impressed with its lightness…and unsure of how powerful it would be.

Well, one puff and I was smiling.

Two, and I was grinning.

Three, I was in full-on cheesing mode.

Each puff left me happy as a clam. Every time I hit it after that, I was just as pleased.

In fact, it fit perfectly into my little wristlet. I don’t carry purses, so this was a massive plus–especially oil pens don’t need to be refilled very often.

The Rubi’s Definitely Worth It

If you’re in the market for an oil pen, or a super lightweight ejuice pen, then IĀ highly recommend the Rubi.

It charges quickly, with each charge lasting a significant amount of time. And, it’s easy-as-pie to refill.

Plus, it rolls in at $49.95–a steal in my book.

I may not be a frequent oil toker, but I may become one, thanks to the Rubi.

If you have any questions about the Rubi, or any other cannabis-related accessory, please shoot me a message below!

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