Prohibited In the Fifth Degree Vaporizer Review

Dry Herb/Concentrate Vaporizer Review

I’d like to start out this post by thanking the team over at Prohibited for sending me a unit to try.

Holy freakin’ cow. Holy. Cow.

When it comes to vaporizers, I’m usually of the thought that it’s best to stick to one type of cannabis (dry herb OR dabs).

I’ve tried so many vaporizers out there that are supposed “hybrids”, allowing for both dry herb and concentrates. And don’t get me wrong–they work remarkably well.

But…they’re not the Prohibited In the 5th Degree.

After opening up the package, it needed to be charged.

A proprietary plug charges the unit, and is held in-place by a magnet.  (Honestly, this was the only thing I disliked because I have to carry the charger, and can’t borrow one).

The unit displays a red ring while it’s charging, and flips to a green one when it’s done.

Most vapes take a significant amount of time–but this bad boy was ready to go very quickly.

Feeling a dab, I chose to whip out some of my wax. Breaking off a chunk, I placed it into the concentrate cartridge.

After replacing the mouthpiece, I clicked the button 3-times to turn it on. Then, I held it fore 3-seconds to begin the heating up process.

Since I prefer lower-temp vaping, it heated up ridiculously fast to the first setting.

Subsequent tests have proved the same on medium- and high-temp settings.

Bringing the vape to my mouth, I hit the button, and inhaled. 99% sure my face was one of total shocked happiness.

It was one of the smoothest rips off of a dab pen I’ve ever experienced. Wanting to see how efficient it is in conserving dabs, I continued to puff. And puff. And puff…until I was sufficiently medicated.

Curious how much I had left, I removed the top. Blown away, I’d only used about half of it…and I was way past my usual level of stoniness.

I decided to hold off on the dry herb portion, until I was a little less in the clouds.

That afternoon, I switched out the dab cartridge for the dry herb one. It has a surprisingly large bowl, allowing me to pack a significant amount of greens.

Just like with the concentrates, I was pleased as punch, after my first puff. And my next one, and next one…until I was really feeling it.

Once again, curious about how much I’d used, I removed the mouthpiece. Practically all of it was still entirely green.

prohibited in the 5th degree review, review of prohibited in the 5th degree

Convinced I was just a little too medicated, I held off on passing judgment.

But, each and every time I took out the Prohibited In the 5th Degree, it knocked my socks off.

Over the course of time, I realized how truly unique this vape pen is. There is nothing comparable on the market…at least from what I’ve encountered.

Without a doubt, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything as amazing–especially at its current price point.

$200 may seem a bit pricey, but compared to other units, it’s a steal. Its phenomenal dry herb vape/dab pen combo makes up for that price.

Now when I go out, instead of taking out a pen for my wax, and a pen for my dry herb, I’ve consolidated down to one: The Prohibited In the 5th Degree vaporizer.

So, if you love both concentrates and greens, then you should absolutely consider this baby. You won’t be disappointed.


Please feel free to contact me with any further questions about the Prohibited In the 5th Degree.


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