Cannabis Influencers

Using Cannabis Influencers to Leverage Your Product Marketing

Product Marketing With Cannabis Influencers

Even though the green wave is really still in its infancy, it’s an intimidating market to jump into.

First, there are experts out the wazoo. Some are strain specialists, while others accessory advisors, and dab doctors. Regardless of the specific niche, it can by scary to begin marketing.

This is where social media steps in.

The Down Low on Cannabis Influencers

Like I discussed in this post, cannabis influencers are the key to reaching your audience.cannabis influencer

There are so many freakin’ companies vying for stoners’ attention, it’s easy to tune out the buzz.

We, as cannabis consumers, are bombarded with Facebook ads, pop ups, boosted tweets, and other messages…and we generally don’t care about their content.

But, influencers are the way around that mentality.

Why? Because people follow influencer accounts on Twitter, YouTube, SnapChat, and Instagram for their personality, style, and outlook on smoking.

If someone is super into dabs, she’s more than likely going to be following concentrate-related accounts, like @Dabbing_Granny on Instagram. On the other hand, if she’s way into flower, she may be following @SilencedHippie on Twitter or YouTube.

People follow specific accounts on social media because they enjoy the content.

Thus, products that an influencer recommends are far more likely to be a home run with your audience.

Psychology of Influencers

cannabis influencerQuick psych lesson. When an “authority” you trust says they love a given product, you’re more likely to check it out.

“Star power” is a very real thing. Just like you saw JLo endorse the Fiat 500 a few years ago, social media influencers, well…influence.

On the flip side, though, cannabis influencers will be honest about their opinions–it’s one of the reasons people follow them. So make sure your product is ready before unleashing it into the world of social media.

Once you’re ready, though, go forth with confidence and spread the word of your awesomeness.

Finding Cannabis Influencers

It’s important to find cannabis influencers who vibe well with your company. You want people who truly epitomize your target audience.

On Instagram, find various hashtags that popular accounts use. These include:

  • #stonernation
  • #cannabiscommunity
  • #prettypotheads
  • #weedstagram

Don’t stop there, though. There are loads more hashtags like this that will allow you to explore the world of cannabis influencers.cannabis influencer

Remember, though, that numbers do not always equate an engaged audience. The term “ghost followers” may or may not be new to you. But, they’re accounts that follow someone and never interact (like or comment). They’re just dead weight.

In order to weed out large accounts with loads of followers, but little interaction, look at engagement numbers. Take a peek at some recent pictures. How many likes and comments are there? How many followers does the influencer have?

For a given picture, divide likes + comments by the total number of followers.

Likes + Comments/Total Followers

Anything over 3% is considered high-engagement, although many people consider the threshold to be 2%–the choice is yours.

For example, if a picture has 53 likes and 4 comments, and the account has 673 followers, there’s an 8% engagement.

On the other hand, if a picture has 53 likes and 4 comments, and the account has 6,730 followers, there’s a .008% engagement.

Which account would you choose? The first one, duh.

So, high engagement = best type of cannabis influencer.

The Perfect Cannabis Influencer

There’s no right answer to this question. You need to sit down and decide the right accounts for you. In order to do that, you should:

  • Determine engagement rates
  • Enjoy the account’s content
  • Vibe well with the influencer

It’s as simple as that. Once you’ve homed in on the the perfect cannabis influencer(s), then it’s time to craft an email or direct message.

Reaching Out to a Cannabis Influencer

When you’re creating this introduction, there are a few key elements to include. They are:

  • What sparked you to reach out (a certain post, influencer’s style, etc.)
  • Who you are
  • Why you should connect
  • Any other cool, pertinent information

cannabis influencerAlright, so that looks a bit like 5th grade reading analysis (who, what, where, when, why, and how!). But, the base concept is there. You want to give as much information in as concise of a time as possible.

Make yourself stand out. Influencers receive emails pretty frequently about potential product reviews or partnerships. Many times they’re straight up unrelated to the cannabis industry. Other times they’re just poorly written or hard to understand.

The easier you make the cannabis influencer’s life (i.e. providing as much information as possible and why you stand out), the more likely she is to respond.

Think about it: When someone’s cognizant of your time, you’re much more open to working with him. So, craft that email responsibly!

Wrapping It Up

Cannabis influencers can be a goldmine when it comes to marketing your product. They’re a direct pipeline to your target audience.

Do your research when looking for influencers. And, when you find the right one, reach out with a well-thought-out, informative message. Keep it polite, and short. You’ll be golden.


Think you might’ve already found your cannabis influencer? Shoot me a message below!