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Follow These 4 Simple Steps to Kill it on Instagram as a Cannabiz

Why Everyone Should Use Instagram…Even Cannabis Writers

Instagram is awesome for many reasons. Whether you’re sitting on the bus mindlessly scrolling, or uploading sweet pics you’ve snapped, it’s more than just a tool for entertainment.

It absolutely provides a visually appealing distraction as a consumer.

But, what about as a business?

You more than likely already have an Instagram set-up. Do you:

  • Post often?
  • Interact with your followers?
  • Seek out influencers?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, you’re doing Instagram wrong.

“It’s just pictures and captions,” might’ve crossed your mind. And you’re right…if you’re just looking on the surface.

1. Regularity is Keycannabis writer

Instagram is an extremely powerful way to reach people, both big and small.

Post regularly.

Ideally, at least once-a-day. Consistently uploading cool content keeps your followers engaged–and interactive.

Recently, the platform changed the way in which they display pictures. Rather than the typical chronological timeline, they chose to make it like Facebook’s: Show the posts of people you like/frequent the most.

Therefore, if you stop posting, you’ll stop receiving the traffic and likes that drive  people directly to your page and profile.

Aside from posting regularly, there are other things you can do to boost your visibility on Instagram.

2. Hashtags

They’re absolutely essential to your success on Instagram. On the platform, they work the same as keywords. Remember, though, hashtags can be more than one word. A few cannabis-related examples include:

  • #prettypothead
  • #stonernation
  • #weedstagram

Use them liberally. That is to say, don’t shy away from them. If it has to do with your post, add it. The more hashtags, the more your visibility increases.

Now, don’t add an obscene amount. But, add them if they’re relevant. I usually do between 12 and 20 hashtags per post

3. Liking Postsinstagram cannabis

Posting on your own page is great. But if you’d like to really increase engagement and traffic to your page, you need to go out and like other peoples’ pics. Do this via your timeline, as well as the search button.

Search for hashtags similar to, or the same as your hashtags. This will ensure you’re interacting with people in your same niche.

By no means is this a scientific statistic, but I usually average about 2-5 new followers for every 100 likes/follows I do through search.

4. Follow People

Just with liking, following new users generates loads of new traffic. In fact, many users work on a follow-for-follow basis. That means if you follow an account, it may follow you back. This isn’t always the case, but it certainly can be.

Again, make sure you’re following people in your niche. Not only will you be more excited to scroll your timeline, you’ll also be exposed to new hashtags to use on your own posts.

Instagram is for Cannabisinstagram cannabis

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to garnering a great following on Instagram. I’m dead serious–it’s that simple.

It literally doesn’t matter where you lie in the cannabis industry. You WILL benefit from Instagram if you use it correctly.

I’m a writer, and drive a significant amount of traffic to my website via the picture-based app. People are visual creatures. If they like your pictures and profile, they’re more likely to interact with anything in your bio.

Simply put your website in your bio and direct people to the link when you post something new.

Instagram. It’s fun and functional.


Have any questions about using Instagram as a cannabiz? Shoot me a message!