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You Get What You Pay For: The Real Story About Finding Writers on UpWork

Why You Should Never Use UpWork (& Other Freelancing Sites) to Hire a Cannabis Writer

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret: I once was an UpWork freelancer. And I’m going to let you in on a not-so-secret secret: It sucked.

Absolutely horrible.

Down Low on UpWork

UpWork is essentially a bid-for-hire website. You place a job on the board, and people bid on the work. They may provide you a portfolio, although that may not be the case.


They will do your work for CHEAP.

cannabis writer, why you shouldn't use upwork

I’m talking way-less-than-minimum-wage cheap.

In fact, I once read something along the lines of, “most competitive freelancers charge around $.01-per-word.”

Now, that may sound like a phenomenal deal–and it is if you’re only concerned about your checkbook.

The work you’ll receive at $.01-per-word is going to look like it’s written at $.01-per-word.

I once worked as a content producer at a company that did digital marketing for auto dealerships. We had a credit to use at a writing service, and chose to go with a 3-star-out-of-5 writer.

We had no idea what that actually meant…until we received the documents. Holy crap. They were freaking BAD. Like, so bad that I had to fully rewrite more than 80% of them. If they even covered the correct topic, they were riddled with grammatical and punctuational errors.

It was truly a waste of our resources.

Just like the company we hired, UpWork works on the same type of scale–the cheaper, the worse it is.

So Why Were You on UpWork?

why you shouldn't use upwork, cannabis writerGreat question! I never had a mentor when it came to freelancing, and after some research, UpWork seemed like the “typical route”.

For months, I’d put together proposals with well-thought-out, tailored messages, only to receive insulting responses asking me to lower my going rate by more-than-half. It was already ridiculously low.

I write awesome content. My work needs to cover various, regular living expenses. And, since I work for myself, I also need to pay self-employment taxes, in addition to healthcare, and other benefits usually supplied by an employer.

That is to say, my time is valuable, and I was unwilling to go as low as the majority of contractors desired.

My time on UpWork made me realize how many writers there are out there that are willing to work for pennies-an-hour. And, there are just as many people who are willing to pay for garbage content.

Time Out. If It’s Cheap, I Can Just Fix It!

And you’d be totally right…but wasn’t the point of hiring a writer, so you wouldn’t have to do that?

Seems like a big waste of money.

Well, what if the content is fine in terms of grammar and punctuation?

Again, go for it. Remember, though, the only thing people interact with on your website is content. That is to say, there’s no receptionist or store associate around to bring a friendly face to the business. Your website is the face of your company.

And as an extension, the content on your site is how people perceive your business.

What Is Good Content?why you shouldn't use upwork, cannabis writer

Take a step back for a second, and put yourself in a customer’s shoes. If you’re going onto a website you want content that is:

  • Entertaining
  • Informative
  • Pulls at your emotions in some capacity (sadness, anger, happiness, etc)

Why? Because this is what you find interesting.

If you go onto a glass site, and they have a blog post about different types of dab rigs, would you rather it A) Be a monotonous description of different percs, with little-to-no variation in vocabulary, or B) Be an exciting piece, filled with easy-to-understand descriptions, with colorful, details, enticing readers to learn more.

Yeah, we all know you chose B.

And you know where you find the type of “B” writers? NOT ON UPWORK!!! (I mean, the chances are there, but they’re so slim they’re practically immeasurable)

And why won’t you find them on UpWork? Because nobody is there because they’re good writers–they’re there because they want to make a quick buck. “Quick” being the keyword. That’s why you’ll see such fast turnaround times.

Finding an Awesome Cannabis Writer

That begs the question, “If I’m not using an easy website like UpWork, how the hell am I supposed to find a cannabis writer?”

There are quite a few options on how to do so, including:

And if you’re still feeling stuck, give this article a peep about how to hire a cannabis writer.

UpWork = No No

why you shouldn't use upwork, cannabis writer

UpWork is chock full of people who are bidding for the lowest price. They’re not the most talented, or generally have a knowledge-base of proper English, but they will make your pocketbook happy.

A truly awesome cannabis writer comes at a cost–but her work will be of the type your target audience wants to see. When customers step onto your website, they’ll be drawn to her informative content, thus reducing bounce rates, and increasing traffic and conversions.

Your website is your face to the Internet world. Your content can make or break the experience. Let your site shine with fantastic cannabis content.



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