FocusVape Tourist

Concentrate eNail/Dry Herb Vape Review

I’d like to thank the team over at TVape for sending me this unit to review!

As you guys know, I’m not usually one for dabs (they up my tolerance wayyyyy too much for my liking, to consume on a regular basis). But, when a concentrate/dry herb vape comes my way, I definitely want to ensure I’m giving both sides a go.

After a super quick charge, I was ready to set everything up. As instructed, I ran water into the dab pipe and screwed it on.

A few clicks of a button, and the Tourist was on. The factory temperature setting was above 800 Fahrenheit, so I rolled with it and the device began to heat up. When it was ready, the unit buzzed.

I grabbed my dabber, and scooped some Bubba Fett onto it. I placed my mouth on the top, found the hole, and shoved my dabber in there.

I immediately recognized an issue: I couldn’t see where the hell the nail was. It was right below my field of vision,  and blocked by everything stacked directly on top of it.

As I inhaled, water splashed my lips–something I’m not fond of, no matter how clean it is.

I realized it had significantly reduced the temperature. Sure, I got a hit, but it wasn’t super consistent, nor was it that large. Honestly, it felt like I was pulling for a long time because it didn’t maintain a high heat setting.

Determined to make it work, I set up a second dab. This time, I carefully placed my dabber inside the hole before placing my mouth on top. Moreover, once I’d set down my dabber, I closed the hole with my finger–essentially my own dome.

focusvape tourist review, vape reviews, cannabis writerAgain, it was fine. It wasn’t anything overwhelmingly amazing, but it did the trick.

The dry herb portion was much the same. With some Electric Cowboy in-hand, I followed the instructions to set up the flower part of this vape.

When I inhaled, water hit my lips again. I realize this is a personal preference, but it just reminds me of getting nasty bong water on your face when you overfill your piece.

It was a good hit, not amazing, but it certainly did the job.

(I used the dry herb and dab portions on different occasions, to truly feel each ones’ effects).

Overall, the FocusVape Tourist feels like the concept is there, it just hasn’t been fully executed.

I can see it being decent in terms of portable eNails, but honestly, I’d go with a dab pen if you prefer to use concentrates on-the-go. FocusVape will get there–just not this go around.


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