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LinkedIn’s About to Be Your New Best Friend: Here’s Why!

Using LinkedIn to Find a Writer

I know, LinkedIn is that weird professional social media platform. Everyone has an account, and maybe checks it–emphasis on the maybe–but ultimately it seems like a pretty useless tool.

Trust me, I felt the exactly; same way. I thought it was really stupid.

…until I actually was hired for a long-term contract.

LinkedIn Is an Actual Tool

linkedin to find a writerA woman reached out to me on the platform, and we exchanged emails. She inquired about my rate and potential output per-week. She explained the contract expectations further, and I was assigned my first piece.

I know. I was as blown away as you are.

But, I stepped back and took a look at the bigger picture.

LinkedIn is a professional platform–a way for people to connect job- and industry-wise.

That silly “aha” moment allowed me to tackle it in a way more targeted manner.

As a Millennial, I’ve been exposed to social media since I was in high school. I understand what works and what doesn’t work–and the psychology behind it.

Tackling LinkedIn

There were a few basics I completed to spruce up my profile:using linkedin to find a writer

  • Added a cover photo – I chose a sunset picture I personally took
  • Changed my headline to be more descriptive than a list of current clients
  • Inserted more information about current/past work history
  • Updated certificates I’d received
  • Retook my profile pic – it makes a big difference!
  • Connected with old classmates, neighbors, and coworkers

These are all just a couple of quick updates that really made my profile more robust.

From there, I realized nobody would care about my profile without more content. I’d previously posted every once in a while (remember how I said that’s a huge no-no on Twitter? I didn’t follow my own advice *GASP*), but buckled down and really made sure I was consistently posting.

With both articles in-hand from my blog, and those I’d written for clients, I set up a regular posting schedule.

And to my delight (but not shock), I saw an uptick in profile views and search result appearances.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Great, Becca, that’s awesome for you, but why the hell would I use LinkedIn?”

Phenomenal question, which brings me to my next point.

Why You Should Use LinkedIn to Hire Freelancers

Like I said before, LinkedIn is designed for people to interact professionally.

Therefore, if you already have established connections, you’ll receive search results based on you circle.

using linkedin to find a writerThat is to say, if you search for a “cannabis writer” and I’m in your circle of connections (this could be by 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree), I will pop up in your search results.

Because you already “know” me, I’m considered a more “qualified” candidate. Either you know me yourself, or someone you know, knows me–personally or virtually.

Instead of tossing your job onto a popular job board like Monster or Indeed (where you’ll be swamped with unqualified candidates), LinkedIn allows you to find candidates at your leisure–and qualified candidates, at that.

I’m not just talking about because you “know” that person in some capacity. These freelancers are qualified because their profiles are geared specifically towards what you’re looking for.

My profile isn’t going to pop up for a term like “technical writer” because I’m not a technical writer.

The results on LinkedIn are tailored towards exactly what you’re looking for–not just random profiles.

Seriously, LinkedIn Is Awesome

LinkedIn streamlines your search process tremendously. By spending an hour or two searching through potential freelance candidates, you’ll save yourself loads of time down the road, not inundated with scads of resumes and cover letters.

That’s why freelancers like myself choose to optimize our profile for LinkedIn’s search.

It makes your life that much easier, and it allows us to home in on the jobs that best suit our knowledge-base.

LinkedIn ’bouta be your best friend!



Have any more questions about finding a writer on LinkedIn? Shoot me a message below!

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