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Stop Posting Crappy Tweets…Here’s How to Fix That

Twitter in the Cannabis Industry

Twitter is one of the most useful platforms for getting new information to your followers. Considered a micro-blogging platform, you must craft your message in 140-characters (although they’re testing 280-characters for some users!).

There’s definitely an art to creating awesome, interesting content.

Phenomenal Twitter Content

What exactly is “good” Twitter content?

Great question, and it’s super easy: Content which engages your audience and builds your following. In order to have a successful Twitter account, you must decide your target demographic.

If you already have it set, then you’re good to go. If not, then you need to really put a “profile” together of the type of person you’re trying to reach.

how to tweet better, cannabis twitter


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests/hobbies
  • Occupation
  • Location
  • Any other thing that specifically defines your audience

If you’d like, physically sketch out what an “ideal” follower/consumer of your products would look like.

Now, step into that person’s shoes. What would you want to see on a Twitter page?

Probably something along these lines:

  • Cannabis-related articles, specific to your niche
  • Interesting marijuana facts
  • 420 laws/rights
  • Goofy jokes
  • Clever haikus or short ideas
  • Memes
  • YouTube videos

The list could go on and on. Really, just picture what you’d want to see as your ideal target follower.

Well, My Content Is Pretty Good

Define “pretty good”.

Let me guess: You go onto your page occasionally, tweet something random, maybe retweet a few things, and then leave it. Perhaps you toss up a High Times article, or two.

Yeah, I’m going to tell you now–that’s not what people want to see when they come to a Twitter page.

I mean, you might have shared a cool article, but if you’re inconsistently posting and never interacting, why would people follow you?

You have to run your Twitter account from the perspective of your followers. If you don’t, you’ll fail. Plain and simple.

People don’t like boring, and they certainly don’t like inconsistent.

So, what’s the remedy? Posting on a regular basis, and ensuring it’s awesome for your audience. Spice up what you tweet about (use the above list as a springboard, and come up with your own ideas!), and you’re golden.

When a follower replies, interact. Respond to DMs (Direct Messages) in a timely manner. Generally act the way you’d want someone on the other end of a Twitter account to act.

How to Spice it Up

Use those dang emojis. They’re no longer taboo–no matter what any traditional marketing personal tells you. Heck, I’m sure you’ve even seen emojis on your phone’s push notifications.

Hashtags can also be your best friend. But, use them sparingly because they look weird and spammy if you have too many in a tweet.

Figure out what the best ones are for your niche and capitalize on them.

Take a peek at your analytics, too. They can be found on your Twitter desktop page. Analytics provide loads of insight into the best times to tweet, the types of tweets that get the most engagement, and even the number of overall impressions.

Use this knowledge to your advantage and tweak your tweeting schedule accordingly.

As a general rule of thumb, you should be tweeting at least 3 times per-day. This can be a mix of any of type of tweets–just make sure it’s varied.

Retweets Are About to Be Your Bestie

Retweeting is the equivalent of a Facebook share. You’re taking content someone else has created, and re-sharing it with your followers.

how to tweet better

So, following the right people on your part is crucial to your success on Twitter in the cannabis space.

Find big names like High Times, or celebrities like Tommy Chong and Snoop Dogg. The key is finding people who are well-known, authorities in the cannabis niche.

From there, seek out smaller people with awesome content both you and your followers would enjoy. Building up accounts to follow that you actually enjoy takes some time, so be patient, and don’t stress.

As your account grows, you’ll refine the people you follow, and add more (and subtract) as you go.

Going Forward

Tweeting really is easy. Look at your account from your followers’ perspectives. Retweet and create content your followers would genuinely enjoy. Make sure it’s varied, with humor, education, and random facts.

Interact with your followers along the way, reach out and chat with other accounts. Have fun, and seriously, stop posting crappy tweets.

Have any more questions about Twitter? Shoot me a message below!

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