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Everything You Could Want to Know About Working With Cannabis Influencers

Down Low on Cannabis Influencers

There are influencers in every industry. Considered an authority in the field, these experts are well-known and have a large audience.

Cannabis influencers range from YouTubers to blog writers, Instagrammers, and everything in-between. They’re everywhere…and they’re key to your online success.

There are loads of ways to bring traffic to your website, including SEO updates, social media posts, and PPC advertising. But, you’re missing the “personal” facet of marketing–via influencers.

What’s a Cannabis Influencer?

These people have a platform, sharing their favorite marijuana-related posts, pictures, and videos. People come to their page or profile because they know what they’re talking about.

cannabis influencer

By definition, a cannabis influencer knows her stuff. If she didn’t, she’d have lost her credibility long ago. Instead, her audience trusts her opinions and suggestions.

Thus, any product, accessory, website, or event she brings attention to, her followers will look into.

She knows her stuff. She wants to share it because it’s awesome. A good cannabis influencer won’t share garbage just because it was sent to her for free.

What Does This Have to Do With Me?

This is where you step in. Regardless of if you’re a dispensary, accessory company, glass business, or something else marijuana-related, you’ll benefit from cannabis influencers.

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Do a bit of research and figure out which influencers really fit your company’s vibe and style. Give YouTube a look. Peep Instagram and Twitter. And, don’t forget to search for cannabis bloggers.

These are all fantastic outlets to find the influencer or influencers you’d like to work with. Once you’ve nailed them down, find contact information.

More often than not, it’s located right on her profile, or at the end of a post.

Shoot an email or DM, if an email is unavailable.

It’s really that easy!

What Happens Next?

After you receive a response, you’ll chat about the terms of the collaboration. She’ll provide a shipping address, if you’re sending something physically.

cannabis influencer

Once she receives or tries the product or service in question, she’ll decide if she wants to share it with her followers.

If it’s a go, she’ll post something about it, leading them to your website or profile. A good cannabis influencer will alert you when something has been posted.

Because you’re sending something for free, or have previously discussed an arrangement about a post, she must alert her audience that she’s been compensated in some way.

From there, the traffic should begin to flow.


Using cannabis influencers is by far the easiest way to reach a targeted audience. All it takes is a bit of sleuthing, a bit of free, awesome product or service, and the right people.



If you need a cannabis influencer, instead of beginning a new search, reach out to me. Shoot me a message below!

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