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Dry Herb Vape Reviewdavinci IQ vaporizer review

I received this DaVinci IQ vaporizer to review. Thank you so much, guys!

First I have to say, this was truly one of the most beautiful boxes I’ve ever received for an item to review. It literally came in a crate, and had the vape box, case, and an awesome stash jar aesthetically laid in straw. A++ on looks. I was seriously impressed.

When I plugged in the unit, I realized there was a transparent sticker on the back, indicating how to use it. Seemingly simple on-off mechanism and temperature control.

I went back to my charger about 90-minutes later….only to realize it was still charging. After a quick Google search, I realized I had another hour-and-a-half to go.

When I finally was able to actually use it, I was so excited. The loading chamber is accessible, and super easy to pack and close. I loaded up some greens and shut it with a click.

I pressed the on button sequence….and nothing happened. Guys, don’t be a yo yo head like I was, and forget to take out the second sticker tab. Once that was gone, I was set to go.

A few “warming up” clicks and clacks occurred, and the front lights kept me informed of when it was ready, along with a vibration. They’re blinking during warm-up, and solid when you can hit it.

davinci IQ vaporizer reviewWith my lips against the mouthpiece, I inhaled at the third setting. After an up-tick, and another inhalation, I was grooving. It doesn’t produce a ton of vapor at once, but it’s a super smooth hit, and definitely gets you nice and stoney.

The taste was very green-y, and eventually turned to that pleasant burnt popcorn taste. When I’d finished, it was super easy to get the toasted bud out.

I love the mouthpiece–it’s very comfortable. But keep in mind, there’s is absolutely a technique to using the DaVinci IQ to its fullest extent. It takes some practice hits to figure out what works for you.

While the charge time seemed a bit ridiculous, it’s worth the wait. The only other thing that bothered me, was snapping the top shut after pulling out the sticker. It definitely took more than 10 tries to get it to snap shut. The key is to push super hard–but not too hard….it’s a fine line.

Overall, I really enjoyed the DaVinci IQ vaporizer. There’s a reason they won best vaporizer at the Spannabis Cup this year. Definitely a great choice, if you have the scratch.

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