Utillian 721 by Utillian

Dry Herb Vaporizer & Dab Pen Review

I want to thank the team at Utillian for sending over the 721 model weed vaporizer.

This was the first dab pen/dry herb vape combo I’d ever received. I rarely do dabs, so I actually had to go snag some from my dispensary…and was quite excited at the prospect *insert smiling devil emoji*cannabis writer, cannabis influencer

After charging this baby up (which didn’t take too long), I was ready to go. Dabs, I decided were to be my first choice.

Per the instructions, I popped off the top, took out the metal wax canister, loaded it up, and carefully placed it back in the housing. With a bit of pressure, the top was secured, and I was ready to go.

This vape is unique, in that it has a literal straw to suck in vapor. With the click of the button five times, I chose the second temperature setting of four. There were a few heating noises, and the device was ready to go shortly thereafter.

I inhaled. It was one of the greeniest greens I’ve ever inhaled in my life–much more so than if you’d used a rig. Since I’d only taken a tiny dab, I was sufficiently stoney.

The subsequent times I used it, I was also pleased with how well it worked. I used both wax and budder–budder was much easier to work with.dry herb review, dab pen review, cannabis writer, 420 writer

But when I finally decided to give the dry herb portion a try, I’ll be honest…I was a bit underwhelmed. It felt like I was pulling in forever, even at the highest setting, and not getting a great hit. Yeah, it definitely did the job, and I’d be happy to have it when I’m out and about.

In the end, though, I wasn’t impressed.

As a dab pen, I really liked this bad boy. As a dry herb vape, though, I wouldn’t recommend it.

If you’re big into dabs, for sure add this to your list of things to try. It’s ridiculously sturdy, super easy to use, and awesome to travel with. But, if you’re planning on doing 50/50 with concentrates and flower, I’d do some research on other devices.

Thank you so much again, Utilian. I’m definitely using this as my go-to dab pen!

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