The Liberator by Green Technology

Grinder Review

Green Technology reached out to send me The Liberator. The kit contains a 2.5″ grinder, in addition to to herb scissors.

Herb scissors aren’t usually my thing. From what I can see, they work exceedingly well, they’re super ergonomic, and crazy easy to clean.grinder review, cannabis writer

In terms of the grinder, though, let me tell you guys… *Insert super coy look here*. I’ve stuck with the same grinder for the past 2 years: An Aerospaced. For the most part, I don’t like using multiple grinders because then your kief is dispersed into different units.

But, The Lib looked super enticing. I plopped in some weed, and I’m not joking, after two rounds of grinding up bud, I had enough kief for a legitimate scrape. Honestly, fastest-kief-producing grinder I’ve ever encountered.

I’m usually one to just shove a nug in my grinder, oblivious to where it actually sits. With most grinders, if you place any bud directly in the middle, it’ll eventually get stuck. The Lib stands out, however,  because it simply mashes the bud down, while allowing the top to grind. Use a bobby pin to move the smashed bud.

There’s also a plastic O-ring along the top of the grinder chamber. This reduces the amount of kief that collects on the lip, which ultimately make it hard to grind your bud. It also reduces that gross, nails-on-a-chalkboard sound grinders can make.

Without a doubt, The Lib has easily become my favorite grinder. In all honestly, I’ve completely stopped using my Aerospaced. If you’re thinking about a new grinder, then you definitely need to check out The Liberator. Can