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Hakuna Supply Stash Box Locking Book Review (2018)

Locking Book Review

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If you’re in the market for cannabis accessories that really exude a laid back vibe, then look no further than a Hakuna stash box.

After all, the company strives for a problem-free lifestyle.

Even cooler? With each purchase, you’ll receive a seed paper. This extra allows you to plant a tree, and give back to Mother Earth.

Of course, no problem-free lifestyle would be complete without some peace of mind. That peace of mind comes in the form of a locking book–keeping unwanted eyes out, for years.

Meet Beccannabis

Hi guys! My name is Becca, and I’m a cannabis influencer. I’ve tried hundreds of 420 products. With those trial-and-errors, I’ve come across some amazing things.

My whole goal with this endeavor, is to curate the best cannabis products on the market. Nobody wants to spend money on something crappy.

So, every post focuses on a specific product or aspect of the canna-lifestyle.

As you could probably guess, this post is diving into one of the best stash boxes (in my opinion!) on the market: Hakuna Supply’s Locking Stash Box.

If you’ve been a stoner for any amount of time, you understand the importance of a stash box. Why? It’s frickin’ annoying to have to search for your 420 accessories, every time you want to smoke.

A stash box keeps all of your stuff in the same place–so you can find it each and every time you want to sesh.

But, that’s not its only benefit. In fact, there are tons of benefits to a stash box.

How many times have you toked up before some company came over? Especially company that’s nosier than all get out?

Yeah. That’s why you want a stash: It allows you to discreetly store your greens and other goodies.

No more Auntie Amy poking around your room, looking to rustle up some drama. Your bud will be safely hidden.

First Take on the Hakuna Supply Stash Box Locking Book

Thanks so much to the team over at Hakuna Supply for sending me this stash box to review.

Prior to owning a Hakuna stash box of my own, I’d heard bits and pieces about their products. Everything was good, but I never believe something until I’ve tried it myself.

Seriously–you can never be too careful when it comes to purchasing cannabis accessories online.

In any event, the package arrived in a sleek box. I ripped it open, and smiled gleefully; exactly as described.

It was then that I realized this box is perfect for those who have people in their lives, who enjoy dipping into a stash that isn’t theirs.

It’s also ideal for those with small children–you can never be too safe when it comes to kids.

And, it’s a fantastic choice for anyone who likes to keep their smoking habit on the down-low. Because it’s a locking book, it can easily be hidden with the rest of your library.

Why would you want a locking stash box, though? Aside from the obvious “it holds your set-up”, even if someone happens up it they can’t open it without a key.

Correction: They can open it without a key, with a great deal of effort and strong power tools. In other words, it’s not worth the time.

And unlike other cannabis containers, this baby is large enough to hold your stash jar, in addition to your other 420 gear, like pipes, lighters, papers, and grinders.

For reference, its measurements are 8.75″ x 6.25″ x 2.75″.

If you’re prone to refrigerator light blindness, the maroon interior makes finding things a snap.

(For those of you who don’t know, “refrigerator light blindness” refers to when you open your fridge, and can’t find the food you were looking for. Then, when you ask someone for help, it’s immediately apparent–you just missed it entirely.)

Locking this baby up is as easy as a quite literal twist of a key.

What’s Included With the Hakuna Supply Stash Box Locking Book

Now it’s time to get into the nitty gritty details: What comes with a Hakuna Supply Stash Box Locking Book?

I’ll be a bit obscure here, but I promise I’ll explain in-detail. What you receive with a Hakuna stash box depends on what you want.

Like ok, thanks girl. No freakin’ duh.

Let me start off with a little explanation. Every single stash container at Hakuna is available in the most basic levels: Solely the stash box. No extra doodads, papers, or other goodies.

Now, the Locking Book differs slightly. It comes with two keys, keep your bud secure.

Other storage containers in their line, however, like the Engraved Tree of Life Stash Box, follow that general rule of thumb.

Building on this “customizable stash box” idea, is the fact that you can add extras to your order.

I can personally attest to the fact that their cannabis accessories kick some major butt.

In terms of add-ons, you can include:

  • A grinder
  • A stash jar (3 sizes: 1/8th, 1/2 oz, and 1 oz)
  • Raw accessory bundle (king-size papers, hemp wick, crutches & 3 cones)
  • A glass pipe
  • A wooden roach clip
  • A wooden travel tray
  • As far as these Hakuna Supply accessories go, my favorite is the grinder. That thing provides a helluva smooth grind.

    In fact, it’s so sharp, I sliced my thumb on it when I went to aggressively thread the top and bottom together. As long as you’re not horsing around with it, you’ll avoid that same situation.

    The rest of the goodies? The stash jar is perfect for heading to a homie’s with an eighth on hand. And of course, their Raw bundle is amazing because, well, it’s Raw. (More on that below).

    I haven’t even mentioned the best part yet–you can choose a design.

    I decided to go with Van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms print. I’m pretty partial to his work, and was thrilled to own a 420 accessory with it.

    But, there are five other designs, including another Van Gogh, pin up, and book of the dead.

    Without a doubt, this locking book box by Hakuna Supply is 100% what you make it–whether or not you need any extra goodies.

    Hakuna Stash Box vs Raw Stash Box

    How does the Hakuna locking book stash box stack up against the arguably most-well-known competitor: Raw?

    Raw Authentic produces just about everything under the 420 sun, except for vaporizers.

    Heck, you’d be hard-pressed to find a cannasseur that hasn’t toked on a Raw joint or two, in her life.

    You should recognize the name from above, as a part of Hakuna’s accessory bundle–they clearly put faith into the company.

    So, you’d expect Raw’s other accessories, specifically stash boxes, to really knock it out of the park.

    The Raw stash box comes in two sizes, but we’ll be focusing on the larger one. It measures 9″x 6 1/2″ x 2 1/2″. So, it’s pretty comparable in size to the Hakuna.

    While they may be similar in size, they differ significantly in terms of security. Raw’s stash box is solely magnetically sealed. Of course, Hakuna’s stash box is secured with a lock-and-key.

    Without a doubt, Hakuna supplies a lot more peace of mind than a Raw stash.

    Price wise, Raw has the Hakuna Suppy Stash beat: It sits right around $25. Hakuna, on the other hand, comes in at $39–a $14 difference.

    In the end, if you choose a Raw stash box you can’t go wrong.

    However, the Hakuna stash box is over-and-above the competition. While it may cost slightly more, the benefits are bar none.

    Hakuna Supply Stash Box Locking Book Pros & Cons

    No stash box review would be complete without the inclusion of a pros and cons list. Seriously–it’s nearly impossible to create a totally flawless product.

    Here’s the TLDR;


  • Locks up, keeping your stash safe from any snoopers
  • Has maroon interior, to make it easy to find things
  • Comes in six distinct, eye-catching designs
  • Can be upgraded with the addition of other 420 accessories
  • Cons:

  • More expensive than other stash boxes
  • Won’t hold huge grinders or large pipes
  • Not inherently smell-proof – must use an odor-sealing stash jar
  • One of the things that stood out the most to me, was the box’s inability to contain the smell. In other words, it’s not smell-proof.

    That’s a bit of a no duh moment, but many cannabis containers do, indeed, have odor-eliminating qualities.

    To fix this, you simply need to use a smell-proof stash jar. Voila! Your smelly woes will be a thing of the past.

    In terms of my favorite features, is this baby’s ability to keep my set-up away from wandering eyes. Unless I want someone to peep its contents, it’s easy to hide amongst my book collection.

    Without a doubt, this stash container’s benefits greatly outweigh the negatives.

    Final Thoughts on the Hakuna Supply Stash Box Locking Book

    Overall, I’d highly recommend this locking stash box to just about anyone–newbies and veterans alike.

    It’s the perfect size to hold a small set-up, without being large enough to draw attention.

    While it isn’t smell-proof, there’s an easy way to get around the issue: With a solid, odor-proof stash jar.

    The other downside is the price. It does cost a bit more than other cannabis storage containers out there. But, it’s quality, beauty, and uniqueness more-than-make-up for the price differential.

    Give this bad boy as a gift for your favorite cannasseur, or keep it for yourself. Either way, you’ll be thrilled with your purchase.

    Want your own stash box by Hakuna Supply? Use code “Beccannabis” for 15% off!

    Looking for a cannabis writer? Shoot me an email: Hello@Beccannabis.Expert