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Discreet Locking Van Gogh “Almond Blossom” Book Box by Hakuna Supply

Stash Box Review

Last week, I reviewed the beautiful Engraved Tree of Life Stash Box by Hakuna Supply (check it out here if you missed it). Much like the previous post, this lock box is absolutely stunning.

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It looks very much like a fake book–everything you could want in a super discreet box. Van Gogh’s “Almond Blossom” beautifully covers this stash. And, it comes with two sets of keys, just in case you lose one.

The inside is lined with a soft velvet, reddish-brown in color. Because you don’t always have bright lights when you stash your bud, a lighter interior makes your life much easier.

Inside, there’s a kick butt little stash jar. Like I’ve said before, I’m not usually a big fan of them. But, this little guy is perfect for bringing some bud on-the-go, without letting out any unwanted odors.

I’m usually pretty hesitant about grinders because there are so many ways for them to be garbage. Once again, though, I was impressed with this bad boy’s performance. It collects kief at a great rate, and grinds bud up exceedingly well.

Because this box is so roomy (much larger than the engraved box), you have tons of room to store whatever you want. Stick a few grinders, stash jars, lighters, papers, and other smoking accessories in there. You’ll be surprised how much it fits!

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