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Engraved Tree Of Life Stash Box by Hakuna Supply

Stash Box Review

Hakuna Supply reached out to me to review a couple of their stash boxes. This is the absolutely stunning Engraved Tree of Life Stash stash boxes, stash box review

The intricate design on the top is beautifully done, while the box itself is crafted extremely well. When I first opened the box (which was super smooth, without stuttering), I was delighted to find a bunch of goodies.

You guys already know how much I love Raw (if you don’t, you should check out my post about the best Raw Rolling products), so getting a few more for my stash made me absolutely beam. I actually had no clue Raw produced hemp wick or bamboo rolling mats–perhaps look for future reviews!

best stash boxes, stash box reviewBut, let’s take a right turn towards the Hakuna Latch Stash Jar. I’m usually not one for small stash jars. After all, who really only keeps an eighth on-hand? Well, let me tell you, I was wrong. Since it has an easy on-off top, bringing it with on an adventure is way easier than some of my other stashes. Plus, I generally don’t need more than an eighth when I’m out. And it keeps skunkiness locked and loaded.

The box itself is a masterpiece. It holds a few stash jars, so I can keep various strains stashed in the same place, with room to spare. I usually keep a few blunt wraps in there (because I’ll admit, I’m still horrible at rolling), and a spare lighter or two.

It closes neatly with a little latch. But it’s not for just decoration–instead it actually keeps the lid locked in place.

If you’re just as stoked about this beautiful latch box as I am, use discount code “Beccannabis” for 15% off at!